Magic Tricks Made Easy

Here is a small selection of tricks that are easy to learn and fun to do

Magic Rope Trick

The Magician hands a set of three ropes to a spectator and keeps a set for himself. The Ropes have colored tips on the ends to distinguish between them. The spectator ties the matching ends of each rope together to make three loops.

But when the magician does it he gets one large loop.

What You Need

  • 6 lengths of rope

The magician's ropes are prepared differently from those of the spectator. Notice that the ends of each rope don't match, so when the magician ties his ropes together,they will form one large loop. Be careful when you tie the ends that you don't tangle the ropes and end up with a knot in the loop.

Picture 1: Vanishing Coin Trick: Magic Trick 3Picture 1: Vanishing Coin Trick: Magic Trick 3Picture 1: Vanishing Coin Trick: Magic Trick 3




When the trick is done, distract your audience by starting another trick or ending the show. Don't let them look at the ropes, because they'll see how you did the trick.


Vanishing Coin Trick

You place a coin and a glass on a table. You cover the glass with a handkerchief and move it over the coin. Remove the hankerchief and the coin has vanished! Cover the glass again, move it away, and the coin has reappeared!

What You Need

  • A clear glass (Ask a parent to pick one you can use. A clear plastic tumbler is best.)
  • Two sheets of construction paper, the same colour
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A coin
  • A handkerchief

Prepare the glass: To prepare the glass turn it upside-down and put it onto the sheet of coloured paper. Take a pencil, draw around the glass and cut out the circle. Put a small amount of glue on the rim of the glass and place it on the paper cut-out. Let this dry thoroughly -- it should only take a few hours. Then cut any extra paper away from the edges.

Setting the Stage
Now 'set the stage.' Put the second sheet of coloured paper on the table -- everything will go on top of this. Put the glass onto the paper upside-down, over to one side. Keep the coin in your pocket and the handkerchief with you.

How to Perform
Once you have everything set up, bring in the audience. Saying, "I will make a coin magically disappear before your very eyes. Does someone have a coin I can use?" If someone has a coin, use it, but if not, bring out your own and say, "I have a coin with me, so we can use this one."

Place the coin in the middle of the paper. Pick up the handkerchief and say, "I will use this glass to make the coin vanish." Cover the glass and move the handkerchief and glass on top of the coin. Now take the handkerchief away-- the coin looks like it's gone! It's actually hidden under the paper that is glued to the glass. After a second, cover the glass again and move it away, into your magic box or put it away. The coin has returned!

When the trick is done, distract your audience by starting another trick or ending the show. Don't let them look at the glass, because they'll see how you did the trick.

Water to Ice - Change water into ice - instantly

You will need: 1 Cup - A Polystyrene Cup will do, Toilet Tissue (or Kitchen Roll), Some Water, An Ice Cube - (Either Real or Plastic)

Take some toilet paper - around 4 - 6 sheets should do, Put them into the bottom of the cup - add a splash of water (not too much) Turn the cup upside down - the paper should stay in the cup.

Turn the cup the right way up - and drop in the ice cube, you are ready to perform this amazing trick
Tell your spectators that you have something really amazing to show them. Pick up the cup, taking care to keep it tilted slightly towards
you so that the spectators cannot see into it.
Pour some water into the cup, just as much as the paper will absorb. Tip the cup upside down and the ice cube will fall out. Your spectators will believe that you have magically changed the water to an ice cube.

Note: You will need to practice this trick a few times so that you can tell how much paper to use and also how much water you can safely pour into the cup.

When you have this right - you will have an amazing trick to perform.

Just remember to always tip the cup towards you


Jumping Coin Trick

Picture 1: Vanishing Coin Trick: Magic Trick 3Effect
Place a coin in the palm of your hand, then quickly close your hands and ask the spectator which hand contains the coin. They will always choose the wrong hand.

What You Need

  • 1 Coin

Picture 1: Vanishing Coin Trick: Magic Trick 3Secret
Turn your hands over quickly and secretly toss the coin in the opposite hand. Once you have perfected this technique, it's unnoticeable and a great trick.

Don't repeat this trick too often, or they'll see how you did it.

Always Remember the Magicians Rule: Keep the Secret a Secret

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